Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Roof Leak in Milton, PA

Heavy rains and storms in Milton, PA caused this customer's roof to leak. The leak was so bad it caused parts of the kitchen ceiling to fall down, along with th... READ MORE

Selinsgrove, PA Flooding

This home in Selinsgrove, PA was built alongside a creek, and when the rains and water get too high the water overflows into the first level. This particular st... READ MORE

Watsontown, PA Hit With String of Storms

This customer's insurance called us because they had experienced a storm water loss when their power went out causing their sump pump to fail. Our technicians e... READ MORE

Selinsgrove, PA Storm Floods Basement

When this customer in Selinsgrove, PA called they reported having over two feet of water in their basement from the storm waters flooding in. Our technicians ar... READ MORE

Storms in Lewisburg, PA

When this customer called us, they were in a panic. They had just noticed roughly 3-4 inches of water rushing into their unfinished basement, and the water was ... READ MORE

Storm and Power Outage in Lewisburg, PA Causes Water Damage

There were large rain storms in Lewisburg, PA causing widespread power outages- which is how this customer ended up with a wet basement! The sump pump in the ba... READ MORE